Thanks to photovoltaics the strawberries of Huelva will be watered


March 22 is World Water Day

When we see the waste of water resources we feel very angry and sad, but It’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world.

Because there are still happy things going on in the world. Thanks to photovoltaics the strawberries of Huelva will be watered ? What happened? Here together and see it.

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In recent times we are witnessing a boom in the installation of photovoltaic systems for irrigation. The reasons are clear. Pumping from the ground or transporting water is one of the sections with the highest fixed cost for an agricultural company. Farmers often pay the irrigation communities for their service and a reduction in these costs produces a greater competitiveness of the garden product. It is one more example of how there can be synergies between solar and the field.

Specifically in this case, the Governing Board of the Community of Irrigators Palos de la Frontera has awarded the project for the construction of the photovoltaic plant for sector 3 to the company Hidraúlica y Fotovoltaica SL (Hyfotec) for a total of 818,474, 93 euros. The plant has a nominal power of 986 KW.

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Feder funds to the rescue.

Likewise, the CR de Palos has presented this project to be subsidized by the aid for energy self-production of the Junta de Andalucía from European Feder funds and is pending resolution.

The new plant will be specially destined to supply the energy necessary for pumping water in the irrigation sector 3 that has a significant electrical energy consumption, with an annual average of 1,853,158 kWh during the last three years and whose cost supports the irrigation entity. The CR of Palos has indicated that of the total energy produced by the photovoltaic plant, 80 percent will be self-consumed by the irrigation community, with the remaining 20 percent being discharged to the general network.

ANGELS SOLAR Farmland Solar Mounting Systems

Are you stuck with the solar racks that are not compatible with your farmland dimension? ANGELS SOLAR provides a custom farmland solar mounting solution that comes with a wide range of options. We can create agricultural solar mounting racks according to your farmland foundation and panel sizes to meet your needs.

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Angels Solar Agricultural Solar Mounting System is designed for installation of solar power system on farmland, enabling much more economic use of the farmland while maintaining its normal cultivation. According to light exposure proportion and terrain, the system can be designed with given solar panel arrays. The high-strength anodized aluminum alloy structure and hot-dip galvanized ground screw foundation ensures an anti-corrosive mounting system.

Product Parameters

Tilt angle of panels: 0- 45
Snow load: ≤1.5KN/M2 or customized
Recommended wind speed: 60m/s or customized
Module orientation: Landscape / portrait
Distance between foundation: Depending on load condition
Materials: Anodized aluminum 6005 T5, stainless steel 304,Hot-dipped galvanized steel Q235B
Standard: AS/NZ1170,IS C 8955

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