MAC Steel Zinc Ground Mounting System

solar panel ground mounting frames
MAC Steel Ground Mounting

Scalable and versatile design allow to use the system in a broad variety of different projects – from small residential to utility-scale arrays and is suitable for mounting on various ground types, including flat and tilted ground and mountain regions.

Galvanized Steel Solar Ground Bracket
U C steel rails

Both framed and unframed modules can be installed with a tilt angle from 0 to 60 degrees.

solar panel mounting structure
U steel design

The main structure of this product is made from steel coated with zinc-magnesium-aluminium alloy, making the system highly durable and corrosion-resistant and increasing the ability to withstand mechanical stress.

solar mounting pv
details of steel rails

The zinc-magnesium-aluminium alloy is a new type of coating, offering superior corrosion resistance than standard zinc coating, typically used by many manufacturers – aluminium and magnesium combine to form a strong protective layer on the steel’s surface, preventing corrosion.

Solar Ground Mounting Bracket
steel rails structure test

The product can endure wind force of up to 216 kilometres per hour and snow load up to 1.4 kilonewtons per square meter, ensuring long-lasting and trouble-free lifespan.

zinc magnesium aluminium alloy
C steel project

Each component is factory pre-assembled with drilling, cutting, welding, marking and so on done before shipping, which significantly saves your time and costs, providing quick, easy and trouble-free installation. High customization level allows to adjust the system for individual needs, different locations and terrains, providing a cost-effective solution, perfectly suited to local conditions.

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