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France national energy strategy: 20GW by 2030

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  1. PV systems in small size. New PV capacity additions above 250KW roughly 1%, 83% new additions are under 9KW.
  2. Self-consumption of the energy generated. In terms of self- consumption, a large proportion of 22.4% of PV installations in France (12.8% of installed capacity) are self-consumption.  The share of these devices rose one percentage point from the previous quarter. In the second quarter of 2021, the self-generated electricity consumption of photovoltaic power generation was 158GWh.
  3. Regions. In terms of geographical regions, about 69% of the new grid capacity added in mainland France in the first half of 2021 was concentrated in the regions of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

France PV News

France PV News
Paris intends to secure 34 GW of solar

European Commission approves France’s €30bn renewables incentive program

Paris intends to secure 34 GW of solar, onshore wind and hydroelectric generation capacity by 2026 by offering generators premium payments – determined by competitive reverse-bidding among developers – to top-up the market electricity price.

JULY 29, 2021

The European Commission has greenlit France’s five-year, 30.5 billion program to incentivize solar, onshore wind and hydro facilities under its state aid rules.

The bloc’s legislative body on Tuesday announced it has waved through plans for the French government to offer premium payments to top-up the market electricity price, with the top-up figure determined by competitive bidding among clean energy generators.

The incentive program will feature seven different types of tenders to be held up to 2026 to procure new renewable energy generation plants.

The tenders include procurement rounds for ground and building-mounted solar, innovative photovoltaics, systems for self-consumption of the power generated, and a technology neutral auction.

Paris hopes to procure 34 GW of renewables generation capacity by 2026 under the incentive scheme, with the premium payment contracts allocated to run for a maximum of 20 years.

France launches multiple solar tenders

On August 5, the French energy regulator published the bidding rules for a new series of solar and renewable energy tenders. The application deadline is between October and December 2021.

AUGUST 11, 2021

France’s energy regulator, the Commission de Régulation de l’Énergie (CRE), has released the bidding terms of five more tenders for the development of solar and other renewable energy projects. The tenders are part of a new procurement program under the country’s latest energy strategy, the so-called PPE2.

A first procurement exercise intends to select individual and community self-consumption solar projects ranging from 500 kW to 10 MW in size installed within a single building, and community projects with capacity between 500 kW and 3 MW that are spread across several buildings. The deadline to submit the project proposals is November 21 and the total capacity to be allocated may not exceed 100 MW. Another 13 tenders of this kind will be issued through 2026.

A second tender has been announced for ground-mounted solar plants with a total capacity of 700 MW. Developers will have time until December 23 to submit their offers. Another nine exercises of this kind will be held over the next year through 2026, each with a total capacity of 925 MW.

The third tender series will select wind, solar, and hydropower projects in continental France through a first technology-neutral exercise. The submission deadline has been set for December 23 and both rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems will be eligible to participate. Another five tenders of this kind are planned each year through 2026, each with a capacity of 500 MW.

Innovative PV technologies deployed without storage will comprise the fourth tender, which is expected to award 140 MW of projects. The deadline to submit applications is October 26. Another five tenders with the same capacity are planned through 2026. For each procurement exercise, 60 MW will be allocated for ground-mounted facilities and 80 MW for rooftop projects.

The final tender is for PV projects exceeding 500 kW in size deployed on greenhouses or carports. For this exercise, for which total capacity of 50 MW has been allocated, developers will have until October 22 to present their offers. Another five tenders with the same installed power will be held each year through 2026.

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