Classification and installation of solar photovoltaic supports


As an important part of the photovoltaic power station, solar photovoltaic bracket supports the main power generation body of the PV power station. The selection of suitable PV bracket can not only ensure the safe operation and damage rate of photovoltaic modules system, but also reduce the engineering cost and the maintenance cost in the later stage.

According to the materials used in the main stressed parts of the solar photovoltaic support, it can be divided into aluminum alloy support, steel support and non-metal support (such as wood). Among them, non-metallic material accounts for a small proportion, commonly using aluminum alloy and steel materials in the market, and the supports made of the two kinds of materials have their own characteristics:

  1. Anti-corrosion ability: aluminum alloy is generally anodized (>15 μm), and anti-corrosion maintenance is not required for later use; The steel is generally hot-dipped galvanized (70-80 μm) and needs anti-corrosion maintenance for later use. Aluminium alloy > steel.
  2.  Material weight: the density of aluminum alloy is about 2.7090g /cm3, the density of Q235b is about 7.8513g /cm3. The density of 6005 T5 aluminum alloy is less than the density of Q235b steel.
  3. Mechanical strength: the deformation of aluminum alloy profile is 2.9 times of steel, but the strength is only 67 percent of steel.
  4.  Raw material price: aluminum alloy price is about 3 times of steel price.
  5. Applicable project: aluminum profiles are applicable to roof items with weight requirements and industrial plant roof items with corrosion resistance requirements; the strength of steel is relatively large, suitable for strong wind areas and large span of the ground  and roof  project.

According to the different installation sites of the supports, our company can be divided into ground solar installation supports and roof solar installation supports. The ground support can be used at ordinary mountain, smooth open terrain, agricultural land and carport; rooftop solar brackets are divided into distributed solar brackets (for home use) and industrial plants (for commercial use).

According to the type of installation angle, there are the best angle fixed, slope roof fixed and adjustable fixed. Each kind of bracket can have aluminum alloy and carbon steel materials for your options,

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