A better product for wind protection and corrosion protection—— AS MAC Steel Mounting System


Saudi Arabia’s second PV tender draws world record low bid of $0.0104/kWh

The record low price was offered for the 600 MW Al Shuaiba PV IP project, which competed in the second round of the country’s procurement scheme for renewable energies.

The second round of the program initially drew 250 bidders. In July, REPDO said the number of bidders it had narrowed the bidders down to 60 companies, including 28 that were based in Saudi Arabia.

“More renewable energy projects will follow across the Kingdom, which we will announce when the time comes,” the crown prince stated, without providing further details on the results of Round 2.

solar pv mounting system
solar energy solar panel mounting system

To stand out in a project, we recommend using a product that is more resistant to wind and corrosion —— AS MAC Steel Mounting System

AS MAC Steel Solar Ground Mounting System uses magnesium aluminum alloy hot-plated steel (MAC steel) as raw material for the main structure, making the system highly-durable, high-strength and stable. The Mg-AI-Zn treatment forms a high-density surface, ensuring the system to be highly corrosion-resistant.

PV solar mounting
solar mounting rail

• Cost-effective thanks to its section steel structure.

• Flexible height adjustment, applicable for different types of landforms.

• Flexible for horizontal or vertical installation.

• Pre-assembled before shipment, saving on-site installation time and labor cost.

A better product for wind protection and corrosion protection, you deserve it!

rail bracket panel solar mounting system
adjustable solar panel mounting
summer sun solar mount
ground solar energy mounting structures system

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